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Not All Unicorn Startups Are Famous. Here Is The List Of 25 Unicorn Startups You Might Not Know

We always talk about unicorns like Uber, Airbnb, SpaceX, Spotify, Twitter, etc, but little do we discuss what unicorn actually means. Why are some startups given such a title? Is this title given only to the startups belonging to a specific niche? Let’s find your answer through this article. What is a unicorn company? The definition of a unicorn startup was coined in the year 2013 by the founder of Cowboy Ventures, Aileen Lee when she referred to the 39 startups that had a valuation of more than $1 billion as unicorns. The term was used to put an emphasis

How Airbnb Sets Goals That Keep It Resilient And Help It Escape The Tech Backlash

Being considered as an online marketplace for offering lodging, primarily homestays, and tourism experiences, Airbnb has served more than 400 million guests since 2008. In the beginning, Airbnb just created the ramen-profitability. But after that, Nathan Blecharczyk and his two co-founders, Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky grew their homestay app into a $31 billion company in just over 10 years. This led to tech being barraged by controversy on issues ranging from climate change to data privacy while technology was still seen as a force for good. The fallout could have consequences for companies hiring the next generation of engineers,

The Future Of Personalization – Estimates And Advice For Companies

Personalization will be the main driver for marketing for at least five years. Here are the possibilities that companies need to develop to be able to anticipate this new trend. However, interesting promises about personalization may not appear at the present time (at least not on scale), but its development is not expected to be far away. Advances in technology, data, and analysis will soon allow marketers to create more personal experiences through customer touchpoints, channels, and consumer journeys. In order to position their brands, businesses require an understanding of the three major changes in personalization along with building the

Strategy In The Digital Age: 5 Issues That Companies Often Overlook (Part 2)

Issue 4: Over-focused on “usual suspects” Most businesses are only concerned about the challenges created by emerging competitors – a group of digital indigenous businesses (businesses that are formed and directed in a digital environment). But the focus excessively on this group is perilous because market incumbents are also digitizing and stirring competition, sometimes even more innovative if they invest properly. This leads to the customer-orientation of new leaders who often overlook the importance of seeing exactly who is the real opponent. Incumbents hold the market often average 20% of the market share, while digital indigenous firms only account for

HR Analytics: The trend of the recruitment approach to the data-driven world (Part 2)

What can you measure and improve using predictive analytics? The data that you can measure using predictive analytics in recruitment is broad as your company’s unique inputs and sources of information. Essentially, any variable associated with a candidate or process can be collected, analyzed and measured. To give you an idea of what these possibilities look like, here are some of the categories and questions that predictive analytics can provide insights into:   Candidate sources: which are your most effective sourcing platforms (job boards, social media, referrals, and so on). Candidate screening: how long the process takes, which candidate screening techniques

New from PRIMUS: Automated technology solution to approach high-class top performers

Human Resource analytics also is known as people analytics or talent analytics will become one of the emerging trends in workforce analytics for 2019 because it can revolve around analyzing people’s problems using data to answer critical questions about your organization. Issues of HR in the data-driven world and how HR Analytics can improve your hiring strategies Finding top talents can be an expensive and time-consuming task for any organization. Finding the right ones, who will perform well and have longevity, is even more difficult. While traditional recruitment methods are no longer enough to acquire top talent and Artificial intelligence

HR Analytics: The trend of the recruitment approach to the data-driven world (Part 1)

The question “what is HR analytics?” is asked by a lot of HR professionals who want to get started with people analytics. The Human Resource (HR) department may have the least popular reputation for bringing in the big bucks or playing a numbers game like sales. HR also struggles to quantify and measure its success, as marketing and finance do. But HR analytics changes all of this. A lot of the challenges we just described can be resolved by becoming more data-driven and analytical savvy. In this post, we will explain what HR analytics is and how it will shape