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New from PRIMUS: Automated technology solution to approach high-class top performers

Human Resource analytics also is known as people analytics or talent analytics will become one of the emerging trends in workforce analytics for 2019 because it can revolve around analyzing people’s problems using data to answer critical questions about your organization.

Issues of HR in the data-driven world and how HR Analytics can improve your hiring strategies

Finding top talents can be an expensive and time-consuming task for any organization. Finding the right ones, who will perform well and have longevity, is even more difficult. While traditional recruitment methods are no longer enough to acquire top talent and Artificial intelligence are drastically impacting day-to-day operations, the use of HR Analytics has become a hot topic for several years because of the following advantages: 

  • It provides objective visibility into the effectiveness and value of your recruitment activities.
  • It helps keep track of high-potential candidates, allowing you to actively nurture possible future hires.
  • It lets you create a robust talent pool or a permanent record of all candidates or hires that you can consistently come back to.
  • It unlocks the potential to learn from and improve processes.
  • It enables proactive recruitment (rather than reactive recruitment) to drive better and more timely hiring decisions.
  • It lets you predict which candidates will be high performers, and which ones may be bad hires.

Use Auto Shortlist and get matching candidates!

Adopting the advancement of HR Analytics, this year, PRIMUS is applying data intelligence with the latest solution named Auto Shortlist in order to assist you in speeding up your hiring process.

   1. Auto-screen profiles

According to Ideal, 52% of talent acquisition leaders say the hardest part of recruitment is identifying the right candidates from a large applicant pool. With Auto Shortlist, they don’t need to take so much time to manually screen resumes anymore. Instead of that, our first technology application will in place of them to do that to select suitable profiles and automatically recommend them the best CVs within 3 working days. Hence, recruiters don’t have difficulty being disrupted in their workflow and are able to reduce or even remove time-consuming activities like that.

   2. Provide not only top-quality but also matching profiles

Owning a qualified pool of more than 10,000 top-quality professionals with the salary starting from $2,000 across all industries, job functions, and locations, we will connect managerial candidates to employers based on their jobs and our algorithms. In addition, once the job vacancy is posted, they simply get the shortlist with the most matching profiles they need from our vast talent pool based on candidates’ experience, knowledge, and skills and the requirements of the job.

   3. Save time recruiting and improve hire rates

By getting the shortlist PRIMUS suggested, hiring managers can fill their positions in less time because they already have one to choose from. Moreover, as employers, they will be able to view candidates’ status to see if they are open to new job opportunities and check the signals to know whether they are interested in your vacancies. Thanks to that, recruiters like you can increase the speed of hire in order to improve your quality of top talent acquisition.

Selecting top performers is an ongoing challenge for many businesses today. However, if you in an effort to find out more hiring initiatives or tools to support, you can ensure these valued employees truly feel valued, and you will be well-positioned to maintain a deep bench in-demand talent that will help your business succeed.


In order to express our gratitude for your time, we would like to present Auto Shortlist to you as a useful add-on for any PRIMUS’s service packages to speed up and streamline your processes of top talent acquisition. Let’s sign up HERE.


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