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5 Essential Tips To Build An Extraordinary Team Culture

When your employees work efficiently together, everyone wins-you, your business, and your customers. There is no doubt that teamwork boosts collaboration and communication that makes it easier for employees to handle their work. It’s the glue that holds a company together. When you take a group of independently talented people and create a team in which they can merge their talents, not only will a remarkable amount of energy and creativity be released, but their performance, loyalty, and engagement will be greatly improved. According to a survey conducted by Deloitte of 3,300 executives in 106 countries, team culture is the

Survive Through CoronaVirus: Better Ways Than Cutting Jobs

The philosopher René Descartes’s proposition “I think, therefore I am” is partly reflecting the spirit of most businesses in the present situation. After the initial “anaphylactic shock” due to the COVID-19 epidemic, they have now been forced to find the optimal way to maintain operations if they do not want to sink into crisis or bankruptcy. The Epidemic COVID-19 as a “reagent dose” to test the health of the business community on a global level? How quickly they respond to the crisis is also a measure of their strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities ahead. In fact, when the epidemic was

How To Master Your Expertise To Be A Product Manager

What do Product Managers do? This article will explain about Product Manager in software development and Agile methodology although Product Manager is not limited to the technology sector and Agile approach. You can also find Product Managers in other sectors like financial & banking, retails, logistics or even healthcare. In general, Product Managers are the ones that ensure all company departments including management, developers, and stakeholders are together moving the product forward. Product Managers in software development commonly do: Observing clients, stakeholders, product performance, and market research to identify which features to build Overseeing existing priorities and team resources (financial

Lessons For Building Collaborative Culture From 4 Leaders Of Amazon, Target, IKEA And Navy SEAL

Many leaders often divide their teams into smaller groups in order to delegate tasks clearly and effectively. However, the key factor that can lead to the success of a team is how well the team members can work together. Here are some stories from the most famous leaders about how they collaborate with teams in their respective businesses. 1. Gregg Steinhafel – Target’s former CEO, believed that the best collaborative environment can be fostered by a “coaching leader”  Steinhafel explained that in his former company (Target), the primary key to make something happen is having a large and collaborative group

How To Build A Working Space That Makes Employees Feel Comfortable With Speech Issues

The issue of not raising your voice is considered an alarming issue for employees at the office. In the United States alone, medical errors associated with a lack of interaction have led to the death of 400,000 people each year. At the level of an organization, the lack of communication and discussion can be painful and costly to deal with. Over the past few decades, the government has imposed a fine of more than US $ 250 billion due to unethical behavior caused by banks. This is not a small number and it is possible that these behaviors have been

How To Remove Bias During The Hiring Process? (Part 2)

   3. Ensuring diversity in interview panels and candidate slates The diversity of the company will attract the diversity of candidates. The more people come from different backgrounds and perspectives, the better the interview committee will reduce the bias rate during the hiring process. At the biggest football league on the planet, NFL, in order to find a variety of races in the position of coach, football teams adopted in “Rooney rule“. Rooney rule requires that when conducting a coaching position interview, there must be at least one person from the minority group on race, gender, class … interviewed. This

How to remove bias during the hiring process? (Part 1)

Most employers today have the same view on the importance of working environments with a wide range of employees. Many pieces of evidence show that a team with variety in perspectives and experience achieves better performance and is able to understand the diverse needs of customers and clients. However, the recruitment process in fast-growing companies is often not given proper attention and of unconscious bias via the selection of candidates. Benefits of bias removal in the hiring process The bias in the interview can both mislead the company while selecting the proper potential candidates for the company, and it can