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Are You A Manager With A Positive Mindset?

Positive mindset will be the sustainable foundation for all success. The “beautiful” starting line of a manager is not a complete set of skills and outstanding capabilities, but rather possessing a positive mindset and a talented leadership philosophy. So, are you already a manager with a positive mindset? The following suggestions of PRIMUS will help you get the correct answer! 1. Understand what is positive thinking? Positive thinking is a way of looking at things and things in a positive light. Positive thinking is not about avoiding or ignoring bad things, but instead, you try to find the best in

6 Strategies To Navigate Anxiety After A Layoff

Losing your job after a layoff can be a complicated and overwhelming experience that can affect your emotions. However, reminding yourself that this setback does not define your future or worth is essential. A layoff may disrupt your financial stability and bring about anxieties that hinder your ability to move forward. You may start feeling like you are an imposter. Reframing how you think about it will allow you to manage anxiety and pressure and use this opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Although you cannot change what happened, you can control how you react. Here I share some valuable techniques to help you navigate this challenging

05 Practical Ways To Boost Remote Teams Effectiveness

Keeping employee performance at a proper level is a core issue for most remote teams and hybrid teams. One recent survey from my own company Headway indicates that about 2 in 3 Americans feel they lack productivity and are seeking to improve upon this aspect of their performance. And while many employers are still debating the most efficient work format, I believe an organization’s success is ultimately not about the work model but the strategic pillars in place forming the organizational culture. As a manager, I’ve built interaction with teams of all types and repeatedly switched from one format to another.

Preparation for a successful Relationship Manager career

In order for the company’s business to run smoothly, the Relationship Manager position is indispensable. So, what is a Relationship Manager? What are the requirements to apply? How is the pay rate and job opportunity? Let’s explore these issues through article below! What is a Relationship Manager? A Relationship Manager is a person who manages, maintains and expands business relationships with customers to help businesses develop sustainably and enhance brand image in the market. This position usually works at banks, securities companies, insurance companies, financial corporations, solution companies,… Here, Relationship Manager will be able to bring into play their role

These 14 Tips Help You Building Brand Awareness In A New Market

Whether you’re opening up shop in a new city, diversifying your offerings or creating a new mission and core values for your company, expanding brand awareness and growing your business in a new market can be challenging. To be successful and win over consumers who aren’t familiar with your brand yet, your business must become recognizable and resonate with the target audience you’re trying to reach. Below, 14 Forbes Coaches Council members share tips to help established companies expand brand awareness when entering a new market. 1. Build Partnerships With Other Brands In The Space Building alliances and partnerships with like-minded companies

A Remote Work Model Challenges Employers And Employees

The COVID-19 pandemic sent employers and their staff home to work starting in 2020. Many people who hadn’t previously experienced remote work had the opportunity to try it out. Now, organizations are clear that the majority of their employees don’t want to spend a full 40 hours in the office. And, to attract the best talent, organizations are allowing remote work. While a remote schedule may seem like a great tool for employee flexibility, it can pose challenges. At Allsup Employment Services (AES), many of the individuals with disabilities we assist in returning to the workforce have remote work schedules.

3 Harmful Things That Empowers Workplace bullying

Workplace bullying comes in many different forms. When most people think of bullying they think of the more overt types where it’s easy to identify such as someone being screamed at or physically assaulted. However, bullying can include but is not limited to: Misgendering someone Humiliation Blocking a promotion or advancement Discrimination Harassment Setting unrealistic and impossible expectations in an effort to set them up for failure Intimidation Spreading harmful rumors Since the Covid-19 pandemic, bullying has extended to the remote space through video meetings, Slack messages and email. According to a Workplace Bullying Institute report, 79.3 million U.S. workers have been