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Strategy In The Digital Age: 5 Issues That Companies Often Overlook (Part 2)

Issue 4: Over-focused on “usual suspects” Most businesses are only concerned about the challenges created by emerging competitors – a group of digital indigenous businesses (businesses that are formed and directed in a digital environment). But the focus excessively on this group is perilous because market incumbents are also digitizing and stirring competition, sometimes even more innovative if they invest properly. This leads to the customer-orientation of new leaders who often overlook the importance of seeing exactly who is the real opponent. Incumbents hold the market often average 20% of the market share, while digital indigenous firms only account for

HR Analytics: The trend of the recruitment approach to the data-driven world (Part 2)

What can you measure and improve using predictive analytics? The data that you can measure using predictive analytics in recruitment is broad as your company’s unique inputs and sources of information. Essentially, any variable associated with a candidate or process can be collected, analyzed and measured. To give you an idea of what these possibilities look like, here are some of the categories and questions that predictive analytics can provide insights into:   Candidate sources: which are your most effective sourcing platforms (job boards, social media, referrals, and so on). Candidate screening: how long the process takes, which candidate screening techniques

New from PRIMUS: Automated technology solution to approach high-class top performers

Human Resource analytics also is known as people analytics or talent analytics will become one of the emerging trends in workforce analytics for 2019 because it can revolve around analyzing people’s problems using data to answer critical questions about your organization. Issues of HR in the data-driven world and how HR Analytics can improve your hiring strategies Finding top talents can be an expensive and time-consuming task for any organization. Finding the right ones, who will perform well and have longevity, is even more difficult. While traditional recruitment methods are no longer enough to acquire top talent and Artificial intelligence

HR Analytics: The trend of the recruitment approach to the data-driven world (Part 1)

The question “what is HR analytics?” is asked by a lot of HR professionals who want to get started with people analytics. The Human Resource (HR) department may have the least popular reputation for bringing in the big bucks or playing a numbers game like sales. HR also struggles to quantify and measure its success, as marketing and finance do. But HR analytics changes all of this. A lot of the challenges we just described can be resolved by becoming more data-driven and analytical savvy. In this post, we will explain what HR analytics is and how it will shape


The Importance Of Coaching And Mentoring (Part 2)

Benefits of coaching and mentoring Despite bearing certain differences, the importance of both coaching and mentoring extends broadly from the learner to the coach or mentor and the entire organization.    1. Benefits to the learner Personal and professional development: as previously mentioned, these approaches give focused attention to the aspect of training and development. When employees are coached or mentored, they build and enhance valuable skills, knowledge, and expertise that can improve their individual performance as a whole and promote their personal and professional career growth.  Establish and act towards achieving goals: coaching/mentoring allows the individual to define their

Maximizing Productivity With Cloud Adoption

For the past few years, software-as-a-service (SaaS) has become the new norm as more and more companies are purchasing and utilizing the solution in their daily business operations to become more productive, faster, and smarter. For companies that are still confusing between an On-premises and SaaS solution, it is important to consider the more appropriate infrastructure if wanting to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals.  Differences between On-premises and SaaS solutions An On-premises solution, one of the most common and traditional methods for working with enterprise software, is installed, run, and maintained on computers on the premises of the

How To Get Leadership Transition Right

Being the Chief Executive Officer or CEO is one thing, but keeping the job is another. Today’s times have seen so many newly appointed CEOs fail too early on, with nearly half of them leaving the position within the first two years despite having sufficient knowledge, skills, and experience to lead the company.  Massive CEO Failure  Studies have shown that in the past two decades, 30% of Fortune 500 CEOs have lasted less than 3 years. According to the Harvard Business Review, nearly half of leadership transitions are regarded as failures or disappointments within the first 18 months on the

Social Media And Company Reputation Management

Every smart entrepreneur knows social media is the biggest opportunity – and the biggest risk – to every business. Consumers and employees now have a platform to share their opinions and experiences about a company or brand. While social media can be good for growing business and attracting new customers, it can also expose the business to negative publicity and criticism, affecting reputation and brand equity. If business owners are able to handle negativity effectively through good use of social media platforms, they could help protect the brands from damages of all types. Why is Online Reputation Management important to


Breaking Bad Habits – Book Review

In the 80s of the last century, reading newspapers on the way to work seemed an endearing habit for office workers. At that time, people often did not wonder about newspapers being printed on oversized paper sizes (tabloid), although this made it difficult to read newspapers on the bus. But Freek Vermeulen does. He often complained about the clumsy size of this type of paper and wished to have a new standard to make the reading experience more comfortable. It took many years for strategic and business professionals at the London Business School to reconsider why the use of broad-based

The Surprising Science Of Meetings – Book Review

Aldous Huxley was wrong. Bad meetings – not mescaline – open the doors of perceptions. Disappointed meetings seem to have a strange human manipulation. At that time, the participant could do nothing but look around, nodding over, unconsciously checking the phone and nodding again. Such meetings are the strong inspiration for Steven G. Rogelberg to write the book “The Surprising Science of Meetings” – one of the most effective productivity meeting books ever. The authors of effective meeting guides often do not mention the impact of bad meetings. Instead, they often start with a series of statistics to catch readers’

Soon – Book Review

Around the end of 1934, a department store boss named Edgar Kaufmann asked Frank Lloyd Wright to design a home that he and his family could rest on weekends. The house was located in the forest southeast of Pittsburgh about an hour’s drive. At the time, this was an opportunity for Wright to regain his reputation, which had diminished after the Depression that was creeping into the United States. Also during these difficult years, his house and design studio were also threatened with confiscation because they did not pay the tax to the state. This talented architect came to the

That’s What She Said – Book Review

That’s What She Said – a fascinating book about women’s experiences in everyday business life – begins with the delicacy of author Joanne Lipman stating not any individual or group, as a promise to readers, especially her male readers. So readers may slowly embrace the fact that the world around us is overwhelmingly biased for men. As a former editor of USA Today, deputy editor of the Wall Street Journal, and editor-in-chief of Portfolio, Lipman, along with his keen eyes, has led readers to the story with the highest respect for truth. She gives an example of the temperature in