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6 Best Countries To Go Expat In 2021 When The Virus Is Over

The coronavirus pandemic is a really difficult period of time for people working abroad when faced with constant fears of infection from the community. For those who are planning or scheduled to go expat, the coronavirus is a dream blocker, because countries have limited entry, and airlines have suspended flight routes. This has resulted in many candidates losing their expat job offers. However, we won’t be on lockdown forever. One day, the coronavirus will cease to be a global pandemic, and we’ll take to the skies once again. We’ll travel to new lands, and discover everything this world has to

Top 11 Positions From Large Domestic And International Firms

Check out these attractive roles from the top companies that are hiring on PRIMUS and find out which one is the opportunity that suits you best. 1. Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Vietnam Co., Ltd. Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a 100% owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH – one of the world’s leading suppliers of technology and services in the Mobility Solutions sector. With over 1,500 highly skilled employees, RBVH is providing solutions for businesses in Engineering services, IT services, and Business services that bring value, improve life quality and conserve resources. At

Trends In Solar Energy For 2021-2030

ASEAN countries are expected to be one of the world growth centers in the next several decades. Energy is the fundamental element of economic activities, hence there is an increase in energy consumption. Vietnam is no exception and the country has adopted strategies to bring more renewable energies into its energy mix. Renewable energy forecasting Although the coronavirus has affected severely economies of the major countries, Vietnam’s economy grew by 1.81 percent in the first half of 2020. Our economy is expected to bounce back up to 6.8 percent in 2021. The energy demand will rise by over 10 percent

The Report On “IT Human Resources Of The 2010s And 2020”

Recently, VietnamWorks by Navigos Group has published a report on “Information Technology Human Resources of the 2010s and 2020” and caught the attention of a lot of IT candidates. Recruitment demand of the IT industry in Vietnam quadrupled after 10 years According to statistics, the report took 2010 as a benchmark and found that the recruitment demand of the IT industry has quadrupled after a decade. In which, 7 fields in the IT industry that have had the highest recruitment demand are: Software development; Technical assistance; Project/ Product Management; User experience (UX) and Interface (UI); QA/ QC; Data Science. Software

C-suite And Necessary Preparations For The Robot Age

Robots have been playing an important and essential role in today’s workforce. A recent study by PwC in 29 countries estimated that the average adoption rate of high-risk jobs will increase by about 20% by the end of 2020 and 30% by mid-2030. For those employees around the globe, this shift means they have to be prepared to share work opportunities for robots, see them as colleagues. In a worse scenario, they have to learn new skills because robots will replace them in more dangerous and competitive jobs. Within the article, robots here are defined as two types: industrial robots

What Should Businesses And Employees Do To Prepare For The Incoming Skill Shift?

The transformation of skills has appeared with the introduction of new technologies at the workplace since the Industrial Revolution took place, but the application of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) will mark the accelerated compared to the changes of the recent past. The need for some skills, such as technology skills, social skills, and emotional skills, will increase rapidly, but manual skills or only physical requirements skills will decrease, although there are still many needs now. These changes will require employees everywhere to further improve their existing skills and discover new skills. Companies will also need to rethink how to

The World Is Changing, So Is The Role Of Human Resources

The impact of technology has changed our lives every day, demanding a quick response from businesses to continue to bring the values ​​that people want. Technology also changes the nature of the workforce, leading to a change in the concept of Human Resource Management. What is changing the role of personnel? In the context of every enterprise constantly improving, upgrading operational models, technology, actively changing and building more sustainable resources that start from people; then this is an opportunity for HR. There are many different factors, but we can summarize the three most fundamental changes: For businesses: the strong development