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Work-life Balance


How Managers Can Balance Work And Life

Having a wealthy and meaningful life is everyone’s dream. To achieve that dream, we have to work. Sometimes, you are required to sacrifice lots of leisure time to pursue your career and take care of other responsibilities. When work has dominated the majority amount of your time, however, it can come with great negative impacts on different aspects of your life such as health, family, and relationship. Therefore, applying a harmonious work-life balance is critical to improving not only your physical and emotional well-being but also your career prospect. Work-life balance, in short, is the state of equilibrium where a

Want To Optimize Productivity? Upgrade The Workplace Environment

What is the soul of a business’s success? Productivity – one of the first words that come up in every great manager’s mind. No business has ever reached grant achievements without optimal productivity in operation. The pressures of “speeding up” and “maximizing our efficiency” may demotivate the staff, which links to a serious deduction of work performance. As a manager, you play an important responsibility in tackling this issue. There are some aspects that leaders should consider, one of them is improving the workplace. Here are some useful tips to help you accomplish the ideal workspace that keeps your employees

3 Brain Training Games Recommended By Billionaires In The World

For the super-riches, reading, playing cards, or playing video games is not just entertainment, it makes them much wealthier. Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change and adapt by learning new things and people completely have the ability to boost brain development at any stage of life. Some of the richest and most successful people in the world realize the incredible value of this transcendent ability and choose to play intellectual games to harness the power of neurotransmitters. Here are 3 popular pastimes favored by the richest millionaires and billionaires at the same time, as well as managers

5 Essential Tips For Working From Home Of A Successful Team

With the spread of the novel coronavirus, plenty of companies encouraged us to work remotely. However, changing the workplace from the office to your home is not effortless since you can be distracted by the TV, the bedroom and even your family or friends. Benefits of allowing employees to work remotely Before we get into the working from home tips, here are some reasons why this activity is highlighted in this period of time.    1. Prevent 2019-nCoV from spreading to others Working remotely is a measure to restrict or limit the large groups of people coming together. Thanks to

4 Inspirational Movies For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs, like most people, need inspiration for their life. And what better way to find inspiration than to take a break and watch some thought-provoking movies. Regardless of where you currently stand on the entrepreneurial path, you are sure to find some much-needed inspiration by watching the movies featured on this list. Spend a little time recharging your batteries and get reinvigorated with these 4 insightful movies.    1. The Pursuit of Happiness The Pursuit of Happiness is about winning the fight against all odds while staying true to your inner compass. The main character – Gardner, is struggling to

How To Keep Your Great Company Culture When Hiring New Employees

It is very common to see that recruiters are rushing to hire new employees to fuel growth. So it can be tempting to take recruiting shortcuts since they can help your team to scale quickly whether you are taking on new clients or seeing a surge in user growth.  Culture may be relatively easy to control when your company is at the starting stage. But it would be more complicated to maintain a robust company culture when there is a large number of employees come to work together at once. Therefore, to bring the focus back to company culture, any

Congratulation On Your Milestones. And What’S Next?

For many leaders, the meaning of work is often vague. Usually, there will be a gap created between what a leader expects when they achieve milestones and a sense of reality when they achieve them. Because what a leader thinks is a meaningful purpose is often simply a pursuit of success. Therefore, once they achieve this (usually very quickly if the leader is really good), they will feel awkward and a little bewildered and ask themselves the question: “Is that so?”. A leader once shared in a global survey program: “I was promoted a year faster than my colleagues. It