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Five Tips For Successfully Managing Remote Teams

For most of 2020, as the novel coronavirus embarked on its deadly global migration, Vietnam enjoyed a place among the world’s most successful nations in containing the spread of the virus. However, Vietnam has seen a new outbreak of COVID-19 sweep across 25 of its provinces since April 27, bringing 580 new infections to a country that had otherwise brought the virus mostly under control since the beginning of the pandemic. These unprecedented events have impacted businesses of all sizes – not just the solopreneurs or small businesses but also the big corporations. Actually, the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing businesses

How Managers and Leaders Can Work Together (Part 2)

Success requires both It seems that the leader is the innovator who brings out the best in their employees through inspiration. The manager, on the other hand, is more focused on metrics and efficiency. Therefore, leadership and management should be linked together, not separated. PRIMUS includes some tips for both managers and leaders to start them on the right track.    Managers learn how to take some risks Take a look at your style to determine how risk-averse you are. What is your level of tolerance for ambiguity? What prevents you from taking risks? A personal preference or personality type

How Managers and Leaders Can Work Together (Part 1)

Although it’s not apparent in the structure of some organizations, leaders and managers have highly distinct roles, and both are essential to the success of the business. Leadership without management can’t sustain change or improve the now. At the same time, management without leadership is a soulless endeavor best suited to controlling the actions of spoiled children. So how do management and leadership can work better together? Let’s find your answer right away. Differences between Leaders and Managers It’s a common misconception that a leader is automatically a manager or vice versa. At a high level, leaders are the brave

Restaurant Tech Trends: Why Are Tech Companies Bought By Big Brands?

The restaurant industry is changing fast and technology is the driving force. And amidst it all, a new trend is emerging – restaurant companies have started investing in tech companies, and even buying them outright. Why are they doing this? Let’s find your answer in this article. Technology is becoming so important in the restaurant space that there is something of an arms race going on as both large and small chains strive to make their establishments more tech-savvy and compete for the wallet of the modern customer.  From a competitive standpoint, it certainly makes a lot of sense. As

Raising Another $230 Million, Yotpo Rides E-Commerce Wave To Become A Marketing Hub For Brands

While the e-commerce boom continues, Yotpo, a little-known company that offers customer ratings and loyalty tools for a number of well-known brands has achieved unicorn status. Tomer Tagrin – Co-founder and CEO of Yotpo What is Yotbo? Founded in 2011, Yotpo has been the platform powering customer reviews for brands like Patagonia, MVMT, Away and Burton. But now, a decade later, it sees opportunity far beyond that expanding into everything from loyalty and SMS to visual user-generated content and referrals. All of these, Tagrin hopes, will enable the company to let brands further consolidate their marketing stack from a dozen

6 Important Success Factors For The Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of entrepreneurship. All aspiring business owners should understand what innovation is, why it’s important, and how they can take advantage of it in their own businesses. If you are still looking for new ideas to drive business growth, the 6 conditions below will help you drive innovation for your teams or organizations. Innovation is not only interesting, it’s crucial for business growth. Father of management thinking – Peter Drucker – said that “Business has only two functions: marketing and innovating.” Teams in companies all around the world are required to be “innovative.” However, this is