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How Managers and Leaders Can Work Together (Part 2)

Success requires both

It seems that the leader is the innovator who brings out the best in their employees through inspiration. The manager, on the other hand, is more focused on metrics and efficiency. Therefore, leadership and management should be linked together, not separated.

PRIMUS includes some tips for both managers and leaders to start them on the right track.

   Managers learn how to take some risks

  • Take a look at your style to determine how risk-averse you are. What is your level of tolerance for ambiguity? What prevents you from taking risks? A personal preference or personality type inventory will give you some clues.
  • Garner support from your manager and others. Seek permission to make mistakes. With their help, determine what constitutes acceptable risks. Risk where you have support.
  • Take risks in stages; set risk milestones. Break down risks to manage them more effectively. Minimize the costs of failure.

   Leaders involve others in the process

  • Identify the business processes involved in accomplishing the goal and the process owners for each part of the process. Typically, these people should be included in the planning.
  • Balance the need for involvement with the need for action and speed. Don’t allow decision-making to drag on unnecessarily long. Train people in team processes so that team discussions will go more quickly and smoothly.
  • When one of your employees plans a project, ask how the plan affects other work units and what conversations the person has had with his or her coworkers in those areas. These questions will reinforce your expectation regarding integrated efforts.

We believe most people who have some sort of responsibility for others in the workplace require some blend of leadership and management. And those lessons may endure the next five decades and beyond.

According to TechRepublic, Leader’s Beacon

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