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Sales Director is the head of the sales department, playing an important role in bringing profit to the Company by formulating and developing business plans and projects. The role of this postion in a business seems to determine the success of activities in the company from how to sell a lot of products and services to satisfying customers. Those who are building their own career path towards the position of Sales Director can refer to this article to have more concept about this position. Requirement Education: graduated from university or college majoring in economics, business administration, marketing or related disciplines.


The covid-19 pandemic has just temporarily stabilized, when the talent war becomes fierce, the world we live in operates in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous way, the Recruitment process and Recruitment has changed a lot.  Various organizations are adopting unknown, but effective, recruitment models that meet their post-pandemic requirements. From there, we know some of the following strategies that will apply to 1 year and predict will be popular in the next 10 years: 1. Cooperation Strategy: With the talent for the position is scarce, but creating value according to the project or task, this strategy is used quite

23 High-paying remote jobs (Up to $100k+)

Remote work took the world by storm in the past two years: More positions pivoted to solely working from home without the need to come into the office. Working from home has numerous benefits, from increased inclusivity for people with disabilities to saving money on a costly commute and in-office expenses. With 41% of white-collar employees exclusively working from home and 26% working in a hybrid model, remote work is clearly making itself heard in the tech industry and beyond. If you’re looking for your next remote gig, check out these high-paying remote jobs to reap the benefits of working

Update CV Every 6 Months: Needed or Not?

Most people have the mentality that they only start updating their CV when they are about to find a new job. However, many leading HR experts recommend updating your CV regularly, at least every 6 months even if you don’t intend to change your current job. So why do experts give such advice? The answer will be in the article below. Realize how much you’ve improved We can measure our own progress by regularly updating our CV. Most people have their first CV by the time they are about to graduate from college, but so far, you have experienced and

9 Employee Well-Being Programs From The 100 Best Companies To Work For

Some employees, they have practical needs such as child care assistance or tuition reimbursement. For others, they may have deeper needs such as supportive counseling to relieve sadness or understanding of how to establish a work-life balance. Like any relationship, an employer-employee relationship needs to be based on trust, and to thrive requires genuine care and support. But how can companies bring that to their employees? Below are examples of Employee Welfare Programs highlighting the key factors in employee happiness from some of the Top Companies surveyed with Great Place to Work. 1. Onboarding at Atlassian A formalized, empowered referral

Finding Mindfulness At Work And Beyond

Pandit Dasa is a former monk who has taught companies in the US how to balance work and life and live a healthier, more stress-free life. Living as a monk for 15 years has given Pandit a unique perspective on mindfulness. With over 16,000 hours of personal mindfulness practice, Pandit knows how to inspire others to create a growth and self-improvement mindset. Pandit moves the idea of ​​mindfulness into the corporate sphere by encouraging employers and employees to take steps to achieve a healthier work atmosphere for greater success and productivity. Jill Griffin, a writer on jobs, careers, board services,

Remote Working Jobs: 5 Problems We Need To Solve in 2022

It’s been almost two years since the global pandemic disrupted the traditional work model most people around the world follow. While some companies choose to cut staff, others require employees to stay at the office, the idea of ​​​​working remotely, flexibly, or combined with traditional working is being debated. lively discussion. As can be seen, in 2022, many businesses have begun to plan for employees to commit to meet the workload while still being flexible in working/remote working. However, we still don’t know if this will work in the long term, or if Enterprises can manage their workforce well, meet