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The marketing industry is growing strongly and creeping into any business field. Accordingly, enterprises all focus on building a team of quality marketing personnel to sustain and win over competitors, especially the senior position of Vice president of marketing.

Who is the Vice president of marketing and what is the advancement path of this position?

Overview of the Vice president of marketing position

The Vice president of marketing (VP of Marketing) is a senior leader responsible for researching, building strategies, operating, and supervising marketing activities in the enterprise. The current salary of this position is about 15-25 million VND/month. For those with extensive experience, this number can be higher, about 30-40 million VND/month or more.

The salary of a VP of Marketing is relatively high, so what duties do they perform? Below is the job description of a VP of Marketing:

  1.  Research, analyze the market and sales to collect user opinions, and propose marketing ideas
  2.   Determine the performance of the enterprise’s campaign and marketing strategy
  3.  Review marketing plans and programs for advertising and organizing events
  4.  Set budget and personnel to implement marketing and advertising campaigns
  5.  Evaluate the effectiveness of communication programs
  6.  Develop and maintain relationships with customers and strategic partners
  7.  Recruit marketing staff and train them
  8.   Ensure sales targets of the marketing department
  9.  Coordinate with departments to carry out propaganda activities to improve corporate brand recognition among customers
  10.  Advise superiors on marketing and communication strategies and plans
  11.  Periodically report the work to the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

The path to becoming a professional Vice President of Marketing

As a leader in the business, the VP of Marketing must feature a high level of expertise and extensive working experience. To apply for this position and become a professional executive, you must:

Elevate your education

The first requirement of the VP of Marketing position is that the candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree or higher in Marketing, Business, Communications, or other related fields. Many senior managers in large enterprises and corporations also require candidates to have a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Marketing is an extensive field. Thus, to perform your role well, you need to have a solid understanding of:

  • SEO: Help increase traffic and brand awareness.
  • Email marketing: Is a tool to introduce products and services of the business to potential customers, contact and connect with partners and customers.
  • Online advertising: Help reach more new customers.

If you do not meet this prerequisite, make an effort to get the required qualifications to enhance your competitive advantage over other candidates. Actively participate in management training programs and study further to improve your expertise.

Accumulate experience

Starting from a communications staff, a marketing staff, then progressing to the position of marketing manager is the best way for you to gain a lot of experience in the profession. Take advantage of the opportunity to experience, work in practice to get golden chances, and create a broad network of relationships in the industry. That is a solid foundation for the future if you want to take the Vice President of Marketing position.

When you have enough qualifications and work experience, affirm to others that you richly deserve a promotion. Enterprises always seek after seasoned Vice Presidents of Marketing. With lots of job opportunities in the marketing industry, as long as you make constant efforts and have a go-getting spirit, a bright career path will welcome you.

Develop essential skills

Expertise and experience alone are not enough for a manager since critical skills will be a stepping-stone to help you run your work better. Specifically, you need to develop the following vital skills:

Visionary and great mindset

The person undertaking this position will have to make a master plan and set KPIs for the head department and marketing staff, so thinking skills and visionary are indispensable. A talented Vice President of Marketing must have strategic thinking to have efficient contingency plans for many situations, helping to bring the highest work efficiency. In addition, as you have to manage the entire performance of your staff, knowing how to run effectively is also a factor you need to focus on.

Analytical skills

All information on the marketing industry needs numbers and data to prove it. If a marketing campaign doesn’t have accurate metrics, it’s doubtless not possible to measure its effectiveness. Therefore, data analysis skills are crucial for those working in this profession. Understanding the data and market analysis tools will help you make the appropriate judgment to devise top-notch marketing plans.

Presentation and communication skills

Most of the tasks of this position have to work with customers, other departments, and employees. Therefore, communication skills will help you create a good relationship with customers and know how to communicate and motivate employees to get the best results.

Problem-solving skills

It is inevitable to avoid communication problems and unexpected situations in marketing campaigns and activities, and the Vice President of Marketing is the responsible one. The acuity and good problem-solving ability will help you handle everything effectively, ensuring your marketing strategy not to be failed.

Creative skills and ability to keep up with market trends

If you do not know the current market trends, you will not be able to stand in marketing, let alone the Vice President of Marketing position. Catching the trends will help you keep pace and take advantage of your opportunities and creativity to create efficient brand development and product marketing plans.

Join specialized marketing associations

When participating in specialized marketing associations, you will quickly update information about the latest technology trends and have the opportunity to contact and connect with leading experts to expand your new network of relationships. Thus, don’t hesitate to share, exchange and consult with them about your marketing strategies. Top marketing experts will be willing to advise you on your strategies and evaluate them to bring you the best result.


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