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Marketing Toward The Seniors: It’s About Time

As a result of sharp reductions in fertility and mortality as well as increased life expectancy at birth, the elderly population in almost every country is growing rapidly. Yet, the senior market remains underserved across the globe. Companies should take advantage of this situation and quickly develop an effective strategy so as to improve service to the seniors and gain competitive advantages over their rivals as well. The underserved market Worldwide, the 60-and-older age group is anticipated to more than double by 2050. In Vietnam, statistics from multiple sources have shown that in 2018, the ratio of the elder people

Why Businesses Should Be Investing In Cybersecurity?

Cybercrime is a significant threat to businesses of all sizes, ones that utilize digital technologies in their daily operations. As such, investing in cybersecurity should be the number one priority for enterprises across every industry so as to protect confidential data from malicious cybercriminals and maximize resistance against threats.  What is cybersecurity? Cybersecurity is the protection of networks, systems, and data from digital attacks. It is applicable to every business operation, whether in the military, hospitals or corporations.  For enterprises undergoing digital transformation, security attacks go beyond a connected object or database and extend to their supply chain and partner/customer

Strategy In The Digital Age: 5 Issues That Companies Often Overlook (Part 1)

Digital strategies of businesses often fail because of the lack of coherence with the essential changes of the economy, the movement of the industry or even the objective of the strategy itself. There are many large corporations that sometimes stand outside the digital revolution, leading to unforeseen changes in user behavior and technological advances that influence those behaviors. Consequently, corruption for businesses is something that can be predicted early. So, how do the strategies fail, while almost all businesses are very interested in such a digitized future? A McKinsey study has pointed out five common issues from these failure strategies.

Digital Transformation Is Not Merely A Technology Transformation (Part 1)

A recent survey of senior managers, CEOs and executives found that the digital transformation risk is their number one concern in 2019. However, 70% of the number of digital transformation initiatives failed to achieve their goals. Of the $1.3 trillion that was spent on digital transformation last year, an estimated $ 900 billion was wasted. Basically, if a leader lacks the right mindset to change and some of the existing organizations are still lacking, digital transformation will simply bloat those shortcomings. Here are FIVE important lessons that help leaders organize their companies successfully through digital transformations. Lesson 1: Find out

Skills Trend In The New Era

We have spent nearly two decades of the 21st century and witnessed the tremendous development of technology that makes it easier for people in life and work. But every time technology moves one step further, we have more reason to fear that these tireless machines will replace people. As a person living in the digital age, have you noticed the changes that occurred at your workplace? Are they or will they affect you? Are you ready for the change? How can machines replace us? Stop thinking about flying cars and be more realistic, you are familiar with the automated switchboard

Leaders Act First In Pursuing Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is no longer a strange concept for businesses today. Many corporations around the world have set sustainable development goals in business strategies and actions to achieve that goal. As business leaders and capable of creating internal change for your organization, you need to be pioneers in the journey toward sustainable development. First understand the sustainability and benefits that it brings to the business, thereby applying reasonable methods to improve the sustainability of your business. Sustainable development is an inevitable trend Business and sustainable development goals In the context of a market with too many competitors with similar products

Is Freelancer The Future Of Work?

Technological improvements in recent years have made the labor more flexible in their ways of working. The shift from face-to-face meetings to work through technology utilities has boosted the development of the freelance workforce. In the US, the number of freelancers is surpassing the growth of general labor up to 3 times. So will this growth reflect the trend of the future workforce? Why do workers choose to be freelancers? The concept of freelancer – freelance work is a new concept that has appeared recently, before that, workers assured themselves a job at an organization, and turn to other businesses