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How ASEAN Region Is Leading The Way In The Fintech World (Part 1)

Financial Technology (Fintech) service is growing dramatically and affecting every aspect of the financial services sector. The emergence of digital wallets in recent years has reshaped the payments landscape globally, and countries in the ASEAN region are among the most potential players in the field thanks to the vibrant and advanced landscape. By 2020, the inflow of investments to the region is expected to increase by over 20 – 30%. What is Fintech? Recent advances in information technology have led to the acceleration and expansion of new and innovative financial services known as Financial Technology (Fintech). It is an emerging

The Libra And Why Cryptocurrency Is Not Ready To Succeed

In June 2019, Facebook announced that it was focusing on investing in Calibra e-wallet and Libra cryptocurrency. Calibra is another Facebook investment focused on personal financial services. Calibra’s goal is to make the best use of the cryptocurrency circulated by Facebook itself, based on blockchain, called Libra. In 2020, Calibra will focus on its e-wallet service. Facebook’s announcement has created a variety of different reactions in crypto circles in particular and in general communication. Despite receiving many different opinions, they all concluded that Facebook is preparing to promote blockchain technology globalization in its upcoming projects. The reason behind this motivation

Business And IoT: 10 Emerging Trends

Nowadays, the Internet connecting things (IoT) is gradually becoming a trend to help apply technology to a strong transformation in business and customer behaviors. These trends are and will create new values ​​and change the market in general and business operations in particular. For business activities, emerging IoT trends include: The Internet connecting everything is an opportunity for the business, not merely an opportunity for technology. In the past, IoT was often seen as a technological challenge and the CIO information manager is often seen as an enterprise’s effort to manage this one. However, in order to maximize the benefits

Human Resource Management In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence

For the past few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has been a tech buzzword everywhere, from Silicon Valley to China, and Vietnam is definitely not an exception. In the era of constant technological change and innovation, AI promises to transform the business world drastically. For human resource management (HRM), the adoption of AI in core operations will help improve HR functions, allowing companies to streamline processes of talent acquisition and employee engagement.    What is AI? AI is the simulation of human intelligence in machines programmed to think like humans, mimic functions associated with the human mind such as learning, reasoning

Data Culture: Culture Of The Business In The Future

In the period that 4.0 industrial revolution is the topic of lively talk in every corner of life, the role, and importance of data analysis to make business decisions are gradually growing exponentially. Until now, data has been and will be an essential part of changing businesses in particular and current industries in general. Therefore, the data culture in the company becomes a trend that businesses and corporations around the world care about. What is data culture? Businesses with a data-driven approach will largely depend on a large amount of information, along with analyses and predictions to strengthen and speed