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The Future Of Work and The Need For Upskill And Reskill To Worker

Status and challenges on employment in the coming years Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show that about 9.3 million people in the United States were unemployed in May. Meanwhile, as of the last day of April, 9.3 million jobs in the country were sitting open.  Looking at these numbers, what do you think happened to the employment situation in the first half of the year? Robots efficiently sorting hundreds of parcels per hour As you know, technological progress is enabling machines to complete many of the tasks that once required human beings. That new automation revolution had

It’s Time For Traditional Middle Manager To Break Their Limits (Part 2)

In the previous part, we’ve already learned three ways why middle managers can’t reach their full potential. The good news is that digital tools now help them a lot in management by optimizing their time spent tracking others’ workloads. However, to unleash the full potential and move up to a higher position, middle managers need to improve their management skills.     Management shouldn’t be the only way to advance Of course, middle managers don’t exist in a vacuum. To set managers up for success, organizations need to rethink who becomes a middle manager in the first place, and what career

It’s Time For Traditional Middle Manager To Break Their Limits (Part 1)

The shift to remote work has taken its toll on us all, but middle managers have faced particular challenges over the last year. A global survey of over 3,000 remote knowledge workers found that middle managers (defined as those managing 1-6 people) are 46% less satisfied with their jobs than senior executives (those managing at least 15 people), they have exhausted more than twice as much as executives (watch more in “Why Being a Middle Manager Is So Exhausting”), when it comes to maintaining a sense of belonging, and they feel more stressed and less productive than their more senior

Five Tips For Successfully Managing Remote Teams

For most of 2020, as the novel coronavirus embarked on its deadly global migration, Vietnam enjoyed a place among the world’s most successful nations in containing the spread of the virus. However, Vietnam has seen a new outbreak of COVID-19 sweep across 25 of its provinces since April 27, bringing 580 new infections to a country that had otherwise brought the virus mostly under control since the beginning of the pandemic. These unprecedented events have impacted businesses of all sizes – not just the solopreneurs or small businesses but also the big corporations. Actually, the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing businesses

How Managers and Leaders Can Work Together (Part 2)

Success requires both It seems that the leader is the innovator who brings out the best in their employees through inspiration. The manager, on the other hand, is more focused on metrics and efficiency. Therefore, leadership and management should be linked together, not separated. PRIMUS includes some tips for both managers and leaders to start them on the right track.    Managers learn how to take some risks Take a look at your style to determine how risk-averse you are. What is your level of tolerance for ambiguity? What prevents you from taking risks? A personal preference or personality type

How Managers and Leaders Can Work Together (Part 1)

Although it’s not apparent in the structure of some organizations, leaders and managers have highly distinct roles, and both are essential to the success of the business. Leadership without management can’t sustain change or improve the now. At the same time, management without leadership is a soulless endeavor best suited to controlling the actions of spoiled children. So how do management and leadership can work better together? Let’s find your answer right away. Differences between Leaders and Managers It’s a common misconception that a leader is automatically a manager or vice versa. At a high level, leaders are the brave

9 Time Management Hacks Of Effective Managers

Do you often find yourself in the trap where there are never enough hours in the day? Each one of us has likely been into situations like when we walk away with a “busy” badge because time management is becoming one of the hardest jobs for everyone. Let’s explore 9 ways of managing the time that Managers frequently do to lead a productive life. Why is time management important to Managers? Time management is all about bringing joy back to Managers’ life and experiencing every bit of joy that you deserve. The prime importance of time management is to have