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Soon – Book Review

Around the end of 1934, a department store boss named Edgar Kaufmann asked Frank Lloyd Wright to design a home that he and his family could rest on weekends. The house was located in the forest southeast of Pittsburgh about an hour’s drive. At the time, this was an opportunity for Wright to regain his reputation, which had diminished after the Depression that was creeping into the United States. Also during these difficult years, his house and design studio were also threatened with confiscation because they did not pay the tax to the state. This talented architect came to the

That’s What She Said – Book Review

That’s What She Said – a fascinating book about women’s experiences in everyday business life – begins with the delicacy of author Joanne Lipman stating not any individual or group, as a promise to readers, especially her male readers. So readers may slowly embrace the fact that the world around us is overwhelmingly biased for men. As a former editor of USA Today, deputy editor of the Wall Street Journal, and editor-in-chief of Portfolio, Lipman, along with his keen eyes, has led readers to the story with the highest respect for truth. She gives an example of the temperature in

Superbosses – Book Review

Superbosses is the second book of Finkelstein, one of the big names in management and leadership. He is both the manager of Tuck’s Center for Leadership at Dartmouth College, a consultant, and a senior executive of many global corporations around the world. Superbosses is a new, more positive and exciting approach than Why Smart Executives Fail – his first book in this field. Superbosses, he says, are excellent managers, because they can unleash their talents, creativity, engagement and desire for the achievements of the teams they join. The five outstanding personalities of a “Superboss” according to Finkelstein are: They have

Factfulness – Book Review

Factfulness – The book made Bill Gates once stated: “The world would be better if millions of people read this book” was introduced to the public in 2018. From the time of its launch, the book has attracted nothing but praise from both experts and readers. Bill Gates became a loyal fan of this book, constantly bringing Factfulness his list of good books, and even gave it to all newly graduated students as a congratulatory gift. So Factfulness contains what messages make the world excited like that? Factfulness was written by Hans Rosling, whom was an esteemed public educator who

Subscribed: Why The Subscription Model Will Be Your Company’s Future – And What To Do About It – Book Review

After reading through different books on training soft skills and professional skills needed for my career development, I realized that almost no one has written books about Marketing anymore. Marketing is not dead, it must be. However, if I say a book about how to create an advertising banner, or guide from A to Z to make a 30-second promotional video so eye-catching is Marketing, I think that’s not true. Marketers always day-to-day face the challenges of how the journey of consumer experience goes smoothly, from online to offline. Therefore, books that mention these experiences often stir up and do

Rule Makers, Rule Breakers – Book Review

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” is a pretty metaphor for Peter Drucker as he considers the importance of corporate culture in making strategic decisions of businesses. The book “Rule Makers, Rule Breakers” by Michele Gelfand – a professor of psychology at the University of Maryland also started with this statement. Gelfand studied corporate culture and social norms for more than 20 years before releasing her favorite book. Do leaders ever wonder what the strategy of “burning platform” is a good way to help employees feel excited about participating and in company activities instead of leading them from start to finish?