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When Bill Gates was putting together a list of suggested topics for the summer, he realized that the topics mentioned sounded quite heavy, not suitable for the holiday. The books cover gender equality, political polarization, climate change, and the puzzling truth that life never turns out the way young people think it should. It’s really not as summer-appropriate as the beach stuff. So he curated five books that don’t feel heavy (though, at almost 600 pages, The Lincoln Highway is literally heavy). Every writer – three novelists, a journalist and a scientist – is able to quickly grasp a compelling

Toxic Work Culture Is The #1 Factor Driving People To Resign

According to a recent MIT Slogan study, a toxic work culture is the number one reason why many people quit their jobs. Organic marketing platform Conductor analyzed Google searches and found that searches like “toxic work environment” increased by 700% in April alone. Conductors also found searches for “HIPAA violence” in the workplace” increased by 350%, “vibrant workplaces” increased by 190%, and “top places to work in 2022” increased by 500%. This shows that the thought of job-hopping and quitting is the more choice of the majority of employees. Job hopping isn’t just a Millennial affair, 65% of Gen Z

Update CV Every 6 Months: Needed or Not?

Most people have the mentality that they only start updating their CV when they are about to find a new job. However, many leading HR experts recommend updating your CV regularly, at least every 6 months even if you don’t intend to change your current job. So why do experts give such advice? The answer will be in the article below. Realize how much you’ve improved We can measure our own progress by regularly updating our CV. Most people have their first CV by the time they are about to graduate from college, but so far, you have experienced and

Top 7 IT Solutions And Services Provided Company In Vietnam

On October 9, 2021 in Hanoi, Vietnam Software and Information Technology Services Association held a ceremony to announce and honor TOP Vietnam Information Technology Enterprises 2021. According to statistics from the Board of Directors organizations, more than 90% of participating enterprises are researching and applying new technologies in the process of product/service development. Let’s take a look at TOP IT Solution and Service Provider Companies now. BRAVO Software Joint Stock Company This is a company specializing in the development and application of information technology software systems for production and business management. Solutions from BRAVO are always aimed at improving operational

How Managers Can Change Toxic Workplaces And Build Effective Teams

Toxic work culture is the biggest reason why people quit, and it’s 10 times even more important than pay, according to research published in the MIT Sloan Management Review. But what exactly does a toxic workplace actually look like? Negative work environments are often characterized by gossip and unhealthy competition, and the onus is put on the behavior of team members. However, toxicity is often created, fostered, and advanced by toxic leaders and dysfunctional organizational cultures. The perfect work environment may not be achieved, but leaders can strive for the better by helping to create positive workplaces. Help employees feel

9 Employee Well-Being Programs From The 100 Best Companies To Work For

Some employees, they have practical needs such as child care assistance or tuition reimbursement. For others, they may have deeper needs such as supportive counseling to relieve sadness or understanding of how to establish a work-life balance. Like any relationship, an employer-employee relationship needs to be based on trust, and to thrive requires genuine care and support. But how can companies bring that to their employees? Below are examples of Employee Welfare Programs highlighting the key factors in employee happiness from some of the Top Companies surveyed with Great Place to Work. 1. Onboarding at Atlassian A formalized, empowered referral