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Drive Performance With Authentic Manager-Employee Relationships

As it stands, only 14% of employees strongly agree that the performance reviews they receive inspire them to improve. This means that 86% of employees, an overwhelming majority, are not inspired to improve based on performance reviews alone.

Leaders must inspire performance. But, how?

Big Picture

Many organizations fail to address the overall vision of the company. As a result, employees get caught up in their daily work without connecting it to the company’s vision.


Unless employees understand how their work connects to the big picture, goals and objectives of the organization, they will never realize the impact of their contribution and true sense of motivation and engagement will elude them. Consider employees solving customer tickets. The instant a connection is made between ticket closure and overall business goal of customer satisfaction, customer retention and revenue, the engagement levels completely change from a routine job to ownership. Employees start using their expertise to create new ideas leading to service innovation, higher automation and much more.

Information Flow

Discussions about the team’s progress toward attaining its strategic goals, as well as potential roadblocks, should be ongoing. This communication needs to happen at all levels in the organization. The regular communication and dialogue with teams should ensure what progress the organization is making with respect to strategic goals and if there are any gaps between strategy and execution.  

Rewards and Recognition 

A fair and transparent rewards and recognition process connects individual and team outcomes with business goals. It’s important employees are recognized throughout the year, not just once a year. Award smaller achievements every month followed by quarterly and a grand annual award. Make sure to link the rewards and recognition process with the big picture and business goals.

Employee engagement cannot be an event-based phenomenon performing some activities, workshops, communications, rewards etc. a few times a year. It must be a structured approach. Also, do not confuse employee engagement with employee happiness. Managers often go overboard in their efforts to keep employees happy.

Remember, a happy employee may not be fully engaged, however, a fully engaged employee is always happy.

According to Forbes

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