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How To Stand Out In Your Field Of Expertise

We’re living in an age where anyone can easily call themselves an “expert.” But that doesn’t always translate to being perceived as one

Those who are truly respected in their fields often possess a unique skill or perspective – they know how to provide value to the people that they want to serve. Some people rise to industry prominence because of external circumstances. But for most people, getting to a high level in their field requires strategic planning, commitment, time, and patience. Being exceptional in a field is not an overnight journey. 

Here are some pieces of advice to be the go-to expert in your field, at your company, or in your role. 

Always committed to learning more about your committed area 

Being passionate doesn’t always translate to expertise, but it can go a long way. 

Constant curiosity about your chosen field and continuous learning is the fundamental key to your expertise. You have to communicate with people who understand thoroughly about what’s happening in your industry and familiarize yourself with what other experts are doing and saying. Furthermore, reading books and articles and finding time when you can listen to podcasts that cover your area of expertise, like when you’re exercising. 

You should ask yourself these following questions and find the answers to uncover your potential expertise:

  • What do I know?
  • What do I enjoy?
  • Who do I like to represent?
  • What do I already have in my background that lends itself to this problem? 

Be open to other people’s points of view

Part of continuously learning about an area of expertise includes incorporating the opinions and perspectives of others. This might mean sharing their work on social media and citing their research and perspectives in your work or professional conversations. 

When someone has a perspective different from our own, instead of blocking your mind and going straight to disagreement with that opinion, ask that person with genuine curiosity and interest about how he came to that conclusion. Asking with an open mind is one of the most powerful things you can do to get to a higher level of expertise.

Have a consistent message and understand how to deliver it to your audience 

Industry experts know the importance of crafting a consistent message. But they also understand that the delivery is just as crucial. Experts know who they’re serving and cater their message to those people. You don’t need to know everything about everything when you focus on what you want to help and the information that establishes your expertise in specific areas to specific people. It’s vital to think about who you want to appeal to.  

For example, if you desire to be an excellent financial consultant specializing in real estate investment, you should avoid spending too much time on every other aspect of finance. Instead, focus on doing research and publishing quality work on real estate investment in mainstream media outlets consistently. Hence, figuring out the optimal approaches to effectively delivering your insights to people so that they can solve their investment problems is crucial as well. 

Be adaptable and evolve with change  

While experts need to have a consistent message and approach to deliver their specialty wisdom, they also acknowledge that the world is constantly changing. For experts to maintain the trust of their audience, they have to be able to evolve, adapt to new changes and trends in their field. 

When you want to make a fundamental change to their message, you need to communicate that change and the rationale behind it. Opinions evolve, perspectives change, therefore it’s okay to change as long as people can follow your rational thinking, and it’s anchored in truth and your ability to have an impact on this topic. 

Back up your claims of expertise with evidence of good work

Real experts do more than just publish articles on social media or talk about their performance. They can back up their assertions with a body of good work and experience. 

Whether it’s a specific qualification, work experience, or a physical project that speaks to your expertise competency, it’s crucial to have evidence that shows why people should come to you for insights. For example, one shouldn’t brand themselves as a journalism expert “if they’ve never written for anyone. You have to be who you say you are, to deliver your expertise and back it up with real results. Furthermore, it’s also essential to be truthful and humble, bragging too much about your work may sabotage your qualities. 

Pick a specific and narrow specialty

While social platforms and the internet have made it easier for people to distribute their message and insight, they’ve also made it more difficult for people to distinguish themselves through the crowd. Therefore, the way to really stand out in a field is to pick a narrow specialty. Not trying to be everything to everyone, that’s the key to make you stand out in an insanely crowded market. 

Focus on building relationships with the people that matter 

In some ways, becoming an industry expert is about “being in the right place at the right time”. For some people, that might come through working for a top company in their space and making a significant contribution that earns praise and attention. For others, it’s about strategically connecting with people who matter in that sector. 

To connect with excellent people in your passionate field, you can share your opinions professionally on what they post on social media. When you’re adding to the discussion, then those people are likely to re-engage back. This provides an excellent opportunity to cultivate a professional relationship with high credibility people. 


There is no doubt that becoming an expert in your field makes you more valuable and paves faster ways to succeed in a crowded professional world. However, being genuinely exceptional in a specific field is not as simple as the majority thought. It requires passion, consistent hard work, and dedication. Let’s try the recommended actions above and see how they will support you to become a professional stand out in the crowded market place filled with gifted individuals.

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