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Want To Optimize Productivity? Upgrade The Workplace Environment

What is the soul of a business’s success?

Productivity – one of the first words that come up in every great manager’s mind.

No business has ever reached grant achievements without optimal productivity in operation. The pressures of “speeding up” and “maximizing our efficiency” may demotivate the staff, which links to a serious deduction of work performance. As a manager, you play an important responsibility in tackling this issue. There are some aspects that leaders should consider, one of them is improving the workplace.

Here are some useful tips to help you accomplish the ideal workspace that keeps your employees productive.

1. Adequate lighting


Research has shown that workplace lighting has a huge impact on office work. People receive about 85% of their information through their sense of sight. Good lighting can decrease errors by 30-60 % as well as decrease eye-strain and headaches.

Natural daylight is one of the best elements as it can make an office look instantly brighter and more welcoming. Natural light should take the lead, with artificial lighting increasing the light to sufficient levels – the goal is to make people feel connected to the outside world whilst being able to work comfortably.

For artificial lights, LEDs are optimal since they are more enduring and cost-effective than fluorescent lighting in the long run. Furthermore, the combination of different lights is important as well. Each area of a modern office demands its own type of lighting to suit the requirements of the people working there. You can add ambient and task lighting besides ceiling light in certain areas to allow greater light distribution.

2. Eliminate distractions

Distraction is the greatest enemy to productivity. Although in some cases distractions can be a good thing, specifically for creative tasks, considering that we get interrupted every 11 minutes and it takes 25 minutes for our brains to refocus on the original task – workplace distractions should be avoided as much as possible.

These days, everyone seems to have a smart device with them at all times. Think of anything from smartphones to smartwatches, these devices with full of notifications have made people slaves of the screen. According to surveys, an average worker nowadays wastes at least 6 hours on the phone every week, in most cases doing unnecessary browsing and chatting. To deal with this, it is appropriate to create a space for employees to leave their gadgets there. Ensure that workers access their smart devices only when they need them.

3. Keep the workspace well organized


You may think that you don’t have time for office organization, but if you knew how much time that disorganization cost you, you’d reconsider. Working in a clustered and unorganized workspace can keep you and your staff distracted and in most cases, bring negative energy. An organized office can reduce lots of waste time and help you and your workers stay super productive.

Purging the office space is a good start. Take some moments to look around. Ask yourself these questions. What haven’t you used in a while? Will you need it in the future for the office? The goal is to get rid of every unnecessary thing in the office.

Use storage boxes, they are lifesavers! You can store almost anything in containers to help you stay organized. Invest in various types of durable boxes not just for your office space. By grouping and labeling the office items and containers, you’ll have better clarity as to how to better organize different items and put them into the right segments.

4. Don’t just focus on the physical playout

The ideal workplace isn’t just about the physical space. Cultivating good vibes in the office is critical to employees. Workers who constantly operate under highly stressful conditions are found to be less productive. If you want your staff to work to the best of their ability, make sure you improve and maintain a positive office atmosphere.

Maintain a positive attitude and build employees up instead of tearing them down. Be mindful of the moods of your employees. Showing employees how much you appreciate and value their work will significantly develop positive emotions. Research suggests that 20-30% of employee performance is determined by employee mood. Positive emotions, like gratitude and pride, allow you to think more creatively and work more collaboratively.

In addition, adopting an open-door policy allows employees to feel as if they talk to you about problems or questions they may have about work or co-workers. It also means that you are open to suggestions on how to improve certain procedures or difficult tasks. Effective communication will ensure employees perform at their best.


There are loads of ways regarding enhancing the work environment to deliver the highest productivity. Performance determines the success of every business. No matter the size of your company or your team, the office space matters and has a significant impact on your employees’ performance and job satisfaction. So make it the place where everyone works with full energy and joy.

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