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Leave Your Work Stress At Work

Health is not merely a disease but also a positive state of physical, mental and social well-being (WHO, 1986). The performance of an employee will be reflected in their health status. An employee who has a balanced life and possesses good health will always bring better results. Understanding the reasons affecting health, such as work stress will help us to overcome the deteriorating health status, exhaustion, and better dedication to better results.

What is work-related stress?

According to the World Health Organization, WHO, work-related stress is defined as:

  • It is the reaction that employees face before the work requirements and pressures, which do not match their knowledge and abilities, thus challenging their ability to cope with work.
  • Stress occurs at all times, every situation but often gets worse when employees feel they have little support from supervisors and colleagues, and cannot control the work process.
  • There is often confusion between stress and challenges, and sometimes it is used as a reason to ignore the health of employees.

The pressure at work is inevitable due to the requirements of the contemporary work environment. There are kinds of pressures that help employees get motivated to keep working and learning. However, when that pressure becomes excessive or uncontrollable, it will lead to stress. Stress can harm employees’ health and business performance. The WHO study also shows that the most stressful type of work is always to consider excessive requirements and pressures, do not match the abilities of employees, and they have few opportunities to practice. show any options or controls, and have little support from others. According to a NIOSH report, ¼ of respondents said work is the number one stress factor in their lives. AIS, USA study, surveyors find it difficult to sleep, laggard, even become violent, and they have to take leave to rest to avoid further pressure.

Leave your work stress at work 

We will experience less work-related stress when: (1) work needs and pressures are consistent with our knowledge and capabilities, (2) can control work and how to complete it, (3) support from leaders and colleagues. Finding ways to solve each of these factors will make your work easier and improve your physical and mental health. With an average of 8 hours a day for work and stress, learn to leave stress at work, as soon as you stand up and leave the office, to strengthen your health and keep working on the next day:

  1. Practice breathing techniques when you feel overwhelmed (and while working). Deepen and slow down your breathing to relax your body, helping to calm your thoughts. When you finish work and go home, take 5-10 minutes to focus on your breathing and improve your emotional state.
  2. Discharge stress with relief for relatives and friends: Do not abuse this method because your friends are not therapists. Set a time limit for this to complain and discuss to help you feel listened to and release accumulated emotional residues. However, too much complaint is not a good way to relieve, you have to face it directly and offer a solution. Complaints are a short-term stress relief method, but when it comes to stress, we have to look at the whole picture and a long-term picture.
  3. Exercise to change your physical, mental and emotional energy. If you really need to reset your mind and body, exercise. Bringing your body into motion can not only help circulate and digest, but it can also release endorphins to significantly improve your mood. Come to the gym or start at the park, or even in your bedroom. Open a piece of exciting music and start moving along with that music. Exercise has proven to be a great way to relieve stress. And it will also help you have a better physical body to continue your work. 
  4. Participate in therapy if you feel it’s necessary: ​​One of the best (and only) ways to improve your awareness is to take part in therapy. When you delve and practice expressing emotions, you will have the ability to overcome your shortcomings and difficult circumstances.
  5. There are rest days: Release stressful physical knots so you can feel more relaxed throughout the week. You are the laborer and the labor law allows you to rest. The rest is necessary now and let your mind be completely relaxed and temporarily forget about the stresses at work.
  6. Priority sleep every night so your mind and body can recover: Sleep is extremely important – especially when you feel overwhelmed. Never underestimate sleep. When you get enough sleep, not only is your body healthy but your mind will also be clearer. Investing in a good sleep will make you feel better when you wake up and be ready for new challenges.

Finally, it is important to bring a little light and laughter to your life and combine it with peace and relaxation. When you leave your workplace, always remember to leave stress behind, and live a happier life.




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