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5 Essential Tips For Working From Home Of A Successful Team

With the spread of the novel coronavirus, plenty of companies encouraged us to work remotely. However, changing the workplace from the office to your home is not effortless since you can be distracted by the TV, the bedroom and even your family or friends.

Benefits of allowing employees to work remotely

Before we get into the working from home tips, here are some reasons why this activity is highlighted in this period of time.

   1. Prevent 2019-nCoV from spreading to others

Working remotely is a measure to restrict or limit the large groups of people coming together. Thanks to that, we can slow the spread of COVID-19 from ending mass gatherings, closing public spaces like leisure centers, pubs and clubs to closing schools and in some places a total lockdown with people forced to stay indoors.

   2. Cut down unnecessary expenses

In the context of an unstable economy, companies want to cut down inessential costs such as transportation and some operation expenses to save a huge amount of money during the COVID-19 outbreak.

   3. Employee flexibility

Offering employees workplace flexibility can facilitate them to increase productivity and allow them to take care of their children due to all schools have been closed. Furthermore, the management level can easily beat the competition by having a better, more motivated staff and saving a small fortune in overhead.

5 working from home tips 

Let’s dig into 5 tips and best practices for teleworking through some visualizations.


Those are our recommendations to be effective remote managers or employees. Do you have any tips for this issue? Share with us by commenting in the section below.


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