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The World Is Changing, So Is The Role Of Human Resources

The impact of technology has changed our lives every day, demanding a quick response from businesses to continue to bring the values ​​that people want. Technology also changes the nature of the workforce, leading to a change in the concept of Human Resource Management.

What is changing the role of personnel?

In the context of every enterprise constantly improving, upgrading operational models, technology, actively changing and building more sustainable resources that start from people; then this is an opportunity for HR. There are many different factors, but we can summarize the three most fundamental changes:

  • For businesses: the strong development of data brings more benefits to businesses (connecting people, learning behavior, measuring efficiency, improving services and products), the life cycle of a business is getting shorter and businesses are gaining more trust from consumers.
  • For workers: The length of careers is longer because the workers have enough health and desire to continue working, new skills are emerging quickly, the labor force also increases rapidly in the context of an open economy.
  • For the nature of work: people and machines working together will create new values ​​for customers and businesses, and will also create new roles for employees that we have not yet imagined.

Technology changes the nature of work

These changes provide opportunities for HR managers. They have the opportunity to build a comprehensive workforce with many different skills, they must also redefine every job across the enterprise in the context of digitalization and automation. This is an opportunity as well as a challenge for HR because it must immediately apply the models of HR activities suitable for business purposes, to promote the interaction between employees and improve productivity.

These changes make HR leaders constantly change their vision and orientation. This is not the first time we have witnessed the change in the definition of HR. So in particular, how will the role of HR change?

No longer a “Partner” but become an “Anticipator”

What is an “anticipator”? To simplify this concept, let return to the way that DDI has classified the people who work in HR:

  • Reactor: create and ensure policies, meet the requirements of businesses, bring basic ideas to manage workforce
  • Partner: aim at the common goal of the business through working closely as a partner with all departments to define the gap, thereby providing solutions for better people management
  • Anticipator: analyze to understand human needs, propose solutions to ensure work productivity, labor supply and connect the development of talent plans with the strategic business plan.

Anticipator – who makes predictions for better talent management 

Every person working in HR must perform different tasks under these three concepts. However, we can see that the HR industry is still leaning on operating, they now must refocus on how to manage talent strategically. According to the three key factor changes above, the keyword we see is “anticipate”. Quick adapting is a good thing, but we can’t just be good, we need to be better. That’s why we need to predict and prepare ourselves better. The study of the DDI in 2018 also shows that the surveyed leaders have not seen the role of HR as a predictor, making the organization not yet able to conduct effective human strategies, while the human is the organization’s most valuable asset.

In the age of speed, Anticipator will bring more sustainable value to the organization by building a stronger human ecosystem while constantly searching for new ways to develop talents and organizations.

HR plays an important role in managing the business

Advice from PRIMUS

How to create anticipators: 

   1. Changing mindset and improving the ability and knowledge of HR: Consider whether HR managers are exposed to many different functions both in HR and in other roles. Enhance the presence and role of HR in the company’s strategy

   2. Apply smart HR solutions: through technology to free up the amount of administrative and workload for HR and help them to focus on strategic work.


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