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How To Transform Your Mindset From Powerless To Powerful, Even When It Feels Impossible

2021 is indeed a very difficult year, many business owners have become helpless in fighting the epidemic. That can already take a toll on our mental health, even for seasoned entrepreneurs. Peace Uche, PhD, Pharmacist, business coach, author and co-founder of TribeX NFT Insider, has guided thousands of clients from feeling helpless to empowering and empowering. shares her 4-step process for a proven process to do just that.

#1. Make A Golden Gratitude List

One of the reasons why people feel stuck is because the external world has made them forget who they are. This powerless feeling makes everything seem impossible because they have given too much weight to the external world and forgotten who they are. Dr. Uche first prescription is to make a gratitude list to “Get Gold.”

“’GET’ stands for gifts, expert skills, and talents. On this list you’ll include your innate gifts, the expert skills that you’ve learned during your career path, and lastly, the talents that you’ve been honing and working on throughout your life,” notes Dr. Uche. “Write out this list, including at least seven attributes in each category. This is an exercise that is meant to challenge you to really dig deep into who you are and what it is that you’re offering the world. Everyone has these gifts, expert skills, and talents, but it’s easy to forget. Re-anchor yourself.

#2. Stop Stating Generic Affirmations

“I used to read generic affirmations and think that it would strengthen my resolve and allow me to achieve greatness, but it never did, and here’s why: it didn’t align with my core values and my future goals,” says Dr. Uche. 

We should stop stating generic affirmations. When you break down what it means to be GOLD – your genuine characteristics, original traits, the focus of your love, and your most desired dreams – these components make up your core values and your future goals. Stop stating affirmations that are not in alignment or specific to what you’d like to achieve. When you get specific in your affirmations – you will begin to feel more personal power.”

Create your core values ​​and future goals

#3. Establish A Piggy Bank Of Self Trust

Begin with an empty jar and fill it with a single crystal, rock, bean, etc. each time that you do something that you feel exercises your golden attributes. “As you put each bean into your jar, and it starts to fill up, it serves as a continuous reminder of your substantial value and internal power. Over time, as you make deposits into your self-credibility, you may begin to shift your belief that you can indeed trust yourself more, you do have authority, and you bring substantial value. Making deposits into your golden piggy bank serves as an immediate physical reminder that: “I’ve done this, I’ve achieved that, and I am GOLD.” 

#4. Take A GOLDen Minute

“Whenever limiting beliefs and self-doubts come up, take what I like to call a ‘golden minute’ to shift from powerless to powerful. Do the following exercise during this golden minute: 

  • Release negative energy – that which no longer serves you
  • Set intention for what you wish to feel and attract more of
  • Call attention to one single item from your gratitude list
  • Call attention to the virtues you wish to harness and grow

Take these doses of inspiration regularly, as prescribed, to shift from powerless to powerful.

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